• Needs Assessment Survey Results

    Results of Needs Assessment Survey

    By Timothy T. Eagen

    President, NYSASCD

    I am happy to report some exciting news to our New York membership this month.  In February we were informed by ASCD leadership that New York State ASCD has been selected to receive the 2018 Affiliate Honors Award in the area of Communication and Publications. Congratulations to Brian Kesel (Executive Director), Dr. Jill Berkowitz (Editor – IMPACT), and the New York State ASCD Board of Directors for the outstanding work the team has done to meet the needs of educators in our state.   NYSASCD officially received this award at a special leadership luncheon on March 24th at ASCD Empower18 in Boston, Massachusetts.

    At the onset of 2018, we administered a needs assessment survey to our membership.  The purpose of the survey was to solicit feedback and input towards the planning of future conferences, publications, and other offerings.  Below is an Executive Summary of the results of the survey:

    • 70% of respondents indicated that our annual membership fee of $55 is “just about right.”
    • Only 14% of respondents indicated that they attended our fall conference in Albany, with “Conflicts with other events” (40%) and “Logistics of getting to the Albany area” (30%) as the primary reasons for not attending.
    • Conference cost seems to affect different districts in different ways. When asked what members might expect to pay for a 1-day conference, “Cost is not an issue for me” (32%) and “$100-$150” (32%) received the highest number of responses.  Nineteen percent of respondents might expect to pay less than $100 for a 1-day conference.
    • Thirty percent of members responded that they “somewhat” look to NYSASCD to provide current research, relevant professional development, and practical solutions to current issues in education, with 43% responding “Very much so.”
    • Forty-seven percent of members responded that NYSASCD “somewhat” provides current research, relevant professional development, and practical solutions to current issues in education, with 22% responding “Very much so.”
    • In order of highest value, members indicated the following for our offerings: monthly e-newsletters (44%), IMPACT Journal (33%), and conferences and/or events (22%).
    • For the spring, 73% of respondents would like to see a teleconference event, either hosted by BOCES or accessed remotely in their district.
    • When asked about the types of presenters members would like to see, “well known author” (49%) topped the list, followed by practicing administrator (24%), state-level expert (19%), researcher/professor (5%) and finally (locally known expert (3%).
    • Topics of interest for future events included: leadership (68%), current educational research (57%), best practices in supervision (41%), technology applications (38%), STEM/Next Gen Science Standards (35%), curriculum design (32%), Next Generation ELA/Math Standards (30%), personalization (27%), and lastly other (8% - ENL leadership, mental health/PBIS, and Next Gen Social Studies Standards).

    Thank you to those that provided input through this survey.  Your input is vital to our mission at NYSASCD.  As a result of the results of the survey, we are planning the following:

    • Disrupting Poverty Videoconference event for May 15 and 29, supported by a video conferencing application. Members will be able to access this video conference locally, perhaps at a teacher center, rather than having to travel to the Albany area.
    • Our goal is to offer events and opportunities that don’t require long travel times, additional time out of the office or away from your school, and additional expenses. We have the technology and ability to do this.  We also want to facilitate collaborative local conversations on important topics. 

    Lastly, as we begin to plan for 2018-2019, please be reminded of the multiple levels of ASCD membership.  It is important to keep your national ASCD, New York ASCD, and local ASCD memberships up-to-date!  This way you can be ensured to receive all that ASCD has to offer.

    Thank you for your input and continued support of NYSASCD!

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