The purpose of the Influence Committee is to uphold the mission and vision of NYSASCD’s capacity and ability to exert influence in educational arenas. The influence committee will work to accomplish the strategic plan goal that states, “NYSASCD will influence educational policies, practices and resources to increase success for all learners.”
    • Develop and implement plans for gathering input from members of NYSASCD and other educators, in order to recommend to the Executive Board influence priorities, positions and possible actions.
    • Monitor the influence activities of National ASCD to inform our practice, as well as utilize their resources.
    • Network with and monitor influence activities of other educational organizations so as not to duplicate effort, and to gather information specifically helpful in developing recommended NYSASCD positions.
    • Develop a plan for regular communication with local, state and national legislators, ASCD National, as well as policymakers
    Relationship to other NYSASCD Committees and Structures
    • Receive information from the Diversity/Membership Committee regularly, so as to keep in touch with all association members when surveying.etc.
    • Provide information to the Program Committee when members indicate an interest in particular areas
    • Work closely with the Executive Director in terms of including influence messages and information in a variety of NYSASCD venues 
    The responsibilities of each member of the NYSASCD Influence Committee are to:
    (1)     Support and promote the goal and the annual priorities of the Influence Committee.
    (2)    Assist with the implementation of the NYSASCD Educating the Whole Child for the 21st Century Award program by:
    • Assisting with the review of applications
    • Serving on the Site Visitation Team in your region
    • Being present at a meeting in your region when the award is being presented     
    (3)    Write an article (300 – 400 words) on the whole child or other topic identified by the Influence Committee for a future newsletter. It is envisioned that a Committee member would write such an article every two years.
    (4)    Assume a role for the Influence Committee’s plan for establishing NYSASCD’s Partnership for 21st Century Skills. NYSASCD is planning to form this partnership of lay educational organizations and education-related corporations.
    (5)    Respond to periodic requests from the Influence Committee as may be appropriate.
    (6)    Become familiar with the general focus of NYSASCD and its respective committees so as to be aware of the work of the organization and its committees as related to the Influence Committee.
    (7)    Serve as an unofficial NYSASCD emissary while attending workshops, conferences, seminars, and other professional activities by promoting NYSASCD and the Influence Committee as may be appropriate
    *NYSASCD committee members are appointed for one year terms at the organization’s Annual Reorganization meeting in July.

    Influence Committee Members for 2015 - 2016

    • Debra Hoeft
    If you are interested in being a member of this committee please contact Committee Chairperson
     Debra Hoeft                                             Valerie Lovelace
    debbie53hoeft@yahoo.com                  Executive Director, NYSASCD