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    Purpose: The purpose of the Program Committee is to uphold the mission and vision of NYSASCD, and to provide information for the Executive Committee to utilize when determining Program strands and offerings.




    • Identify the NYSASCD Executive Board Member who will be the committee chair.
    • Develop a plan for surveying the membership throughout the state regarding program interests and needs.
    • Monitor the publications and resources o ASCD National, to inform committee recommendations.
    • Monitor the offerings of other educational organizations, so that NYSASCD is providing unique offerings and filling gaps as identified by educators.
    • Monitor changing curricular and programmatic requirements within NYS to inform recommendations.
    • Collaborate with VP for Affiliate Relations, to be sure that recommendations are regionalized.
    • Submit all recommendations regarding programming to Executive Director and President for use in decision making by Executive Committee.
    • Provide meeting summary to Executive Director after each meeting.


    Relationship to other NYSASCD committees/structures:

     Communicate with Executive Director to receive information regarding program activities of other ASCD affiliates.

    • Identify and recommend topics/presenters for regional workshops, including pre- and post- workshop professional development options, based in member interests, regular feedback from the Diversity/Membership Committee, Influence Committee, and the Vice President for Affiliate Relations and Communications.

    Committee Chairperson

    Valerie Lovelace