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  • Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning

    (a blended learning opportunity)

    March 15, 2017

    8:30 AM - 3:00 PM


    What makes some school leaders “good” and others “great”? Why are some principals able to turnaround their schools, while others turn around and walk away (as evidenced by the exceptionally high turnover rate among school leaders)? Based on a scientific analysis of a large collection of research, as well as years of experience problem-solving with school and district leaders, McREL International has arrived at an intriguing answer: Balance.   


    In this blended learning workshop, led by Matt Seebaum, participants will learn about three key roles that every successful leader must balance:


    1. Visionary Strategists - providing clear focus for improvement efforts;
    2. Optimistic Change Agents - overcoming resistance to change by inspiring others to believe better outcomes are possible; and
    3. Purpose-Driven Team Builders - developing strong communities where people share goals and an abiding sense of purpose.


    The cost to attend is $165 which includes lunch and a copy of the book, Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning. Participants should bring a laptop or tablet for this event, and should consider attending as school/district teams.