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    The Poverty Simulation opens people’s eyes to the human cost of poverty. The power of this unique learning resource is that it creates, like nothing else, insight into the state of chronic crisis that consumes so many working poor families. You will experience one month of poverty comprised of four fifteen-minute weeks. Afterwards, in the debriefing, you will share insights of extraordinary vividness and intensity.

    When you participate in the poverty simulation, you will be placed into families made up of one to five members.  Your “family” will receive an envelope that describes your demographics, your income/resources, and your bills.  You will interact with “vendors” (trained volunteers) who sit at tables around the perimeter of the room. During the course of the simulation, you may deal with a mortgage/rental company, school, pawnbroker, banker, employer, and others.  To get from “home” to one of the vendors requires a transportation ticket. This is just the first of many challenges you will experience within the two-hour time period.


    Interested in providing a workshop for your staff?

    Contact: Brian Kesel 315.247.2328