The Educational Leadership Inventory (ELI)

    The Educational Leadership Inventory (ELI) is a 360-degree assessment that targets five essential domains of effective school leadership: Visionary Leadership, Instructional Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Climate and Culture, and Management Skills.


    Proficiency in these domains contributes to high performing and highly effective educational leaders. The ELI assesses a school leader’s strengths through an online self-assessment and through the online assessment of others who have observed the school leader in his/her professional setting. After receiving the ELI report, the school leader will schedule a one-hour debriefing session with a certified leadership coach from Edwards Educational Services during which the leadership coach will review key elements of the report and develop an action plan for continued leadership growth.

    The ELI was developed by and for educational leaders. It has been tested and validated by researchers and practitioners over a period of years. For educational leaders who are serious about enhancing their leadership skills, the ELI provides personalized information and clear strategies for improving leadership across the 5 domains. For more information on the ELI, please contact Edwards Educational Services at

    www.edwardsedservices.com    or call 703-837-0223.