Adopted May 6,1949;Revised April 28,1953,May 28 1956, April 20,1959,May 10,1962
    May 5,1964, April 21,1969, April 17,1972, April 5,1976, July 1,1977, July 15,1980, January 1988, August 1989, 1991, April 28,1995, October, 2001, June 2002, July 2006., July 2008., June 2009


    The name of this organization shall be The New York State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NYSASCD). NYSASCD shall be affiliated with National ASCD.;.


    The New York State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NYSASCD) has the mission of assisting educators in the development of quality instructional programs and supervisory practices. Its purposes shall include:

    To improve educational programs and supervisory practices at all levels and in all curricular fields throughout New York State.

    To help schools achieve balanced programs so that equal and quality educational opportunities are assured for all students

    To identify and disseminate successful practices in instruction, curriculum development and supervision, and

    To have a strong voice in the educational affairs of the State by working closely with the State Education Department and other educational groups across the state and the nation.


    Section 1. Any person who is interested in promoting the purpose of NYSASCD shall be entitled to regular membership upon payment of annual dues as provided by the By-Laws.

    Section 2. Any member in good standing shall be entitled to vote, hold office, participate in discussions and otherwise receive such benefits and materials, as may be forthcoming from NYSASCD.

    Section 3. Any interested full-time student in any institution of higher learning shall be entitled to student membership upon payment of annual dues. Student members shall be entitled to all benefits and privileges of regular members except the right to hold office.

    Section 4.
    Retired persons may continue as fully privileged members of NYSASCD on the same annual membership fee basis as students.

    Section 5.
    Members in arrears of dues ninety days or less may be considered as ¡° members in good standing¡±.

    Affiliate Membership Year:

    Members of NYSASCD and any persons who are members of ASCD wishing to join NYSASCD may elect to pay dues:
    (a) On an anniversary basis through ASCD¡¯s Joint Dues Solicitation Program, or
    (b) Directly to NYSASCD on an anniversary basis

    Dues: The annual dues shall be established at the discretion of the NYSASCD Board.



    The duties and responsibilities of NYSASCD officers shall be aligned with its Constitution its By Laws and Strategic Plan.


    The elected officers of NYSASCD shall be: the President, President-Elect, Vice President for Communication & Affiliate Relations, Secretary and the Treasurer. Successive officers of NYSASCD are President-Elect to President, and President to Immediate Past President.

    Term of Office

    The President, the President-Elect, and the Treasurer shall each serve 2 year terms. The Vice President for Communication & Affiliate Relations and the Secretary shall each serve 1-year terms.

    The slate of officers and representatives at large shall be presented to the membership no later than May 15th and the NYSASCD election procedures will be followed.. All terms will coincide with the fiscal year, which shall begin on July 1st and continue through June 30th of the following year.

    A member must be a paid-up NYSASCD member for one year prior to serving on the Executive Board. Candidates for President Elect and Treasurer must have served as an active member of the Executive Board for at least one year prior to being elected.

    The President shall direct the activities of the organization, act as presiding officer at regular and called meetings of NYSASCD, shall call special meetings and appoint committees as necessary for the work of NYSASCD. The President shall be a representative to the ASCD regional meetings and all other professional meetings as designated by the Executive Board.


    The President-Elect shall become acquainted with the responsibilities and the duties of the President. The President-Elect shall attend the Annual Leadership Institute sponsored by ASCD, and Regional Affiliate Meetings. The President-Elect shall fulfill the duties and obligations of the President in the absence of the President and be responsible for assisting the President in the performance of the President¡¯s duties.

    Immediate Past President

    The Immediate Past President shall serve as chair of the Nominations Committee and act as the presiding officer if the President and President-Elect are absent or unable to perform required duties. In case of the resignation of or the death of the President, the Immediate Past President will act as Interim President until the President-Elect assumes the duties.


    The Secretary shall record the procedure of all business and Executive Board meetings. The minutes should be read and approved at the next meeting, dated and signed by both the President and Secretary and bound in a book. Within thirty days after the close of the term of office, the Secretary shall submit the record to the incoming Secretary and the President. Such minutes shall be the official record of NYSASCD. The Secretary shall perform correspondence duties as directed by the President.


    It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to supervise the receipt of all monies from any source. Funds shall be deposited in a Board approved bank and the President and the Secretary shall be notified of such action. An accurate record of all receipts and expenditures shall be kept and a report of the same shall be made at each regular meeting. A file of all bills, receipts, returned check and bank statements shall be maintained.

    The Treasurer or his designee shall surrender records for an examination by the audit committee annually. Upon taking office, the Treasurer shall be supplied by NYSASCD with adequate record books and shall submit record books to the incoming President and Treasurer within thirty days of the close of the term of office

    Vice President for Communication & Affiliate Relations

    It shall be the duty of the Vice President for Communication and Affiliate Relations to coordinate the implementation of the communication goal(s) and activities as specified by the Strategic Plan and serve as the liaison to the Regional Affiliates.



    Section 1. The Governance of NYSASCD shall be vested in the elected Executive Board, composed of the President, President-Elect, Vice President for Communication & Affiliate Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, the Immediate Past President and the Representatives at Large.

    ¡¤ The number of representatives at large, shall not be fewer than two nor more than nine. The Executive Board shall have the right to appoint two of the nine representatives at large to address issues of diversity on the Board.

    ¡¤ The Executive Director, the editor(s) of the Newsletter, the editor of the Association journal Impact, conference or workshop chairperson(s) who are not members of the Executive Board, and the SED liaison shall serve as non-voting members of the Executive Board.

    ¡¤ The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, may appoint other non-voting members who shall serve for a term of office not to exceed one year.

    Section 2. The President, upon the approval of the Executive Board, may appoint an Executive Director. The Executive Director will assume duties as delegated by the Board to support and articulate the ongoing operations of NYSASCD. The Executive Director shall serve as a representative of NYSASCD and provide an official address for NYSASCD. The Executive Director shall be evaluated by the Executive Board annually.


    As of July 2008 the following shall constitute NYSASCD¡¯s representation to the (ASCD) Leadership Council.)

    Guaranteed Representatives¨C The two guaranteed representatives shall be the President and the President Elect of NYSASCD. The President Elect will begin his/her three year term in the second year of the term of office and continue as a guaranteed representative through the two year President¡¯s term.)
    Proportional Representatives¨C Proportional representatives shall be appointed by the Executive Board.
    The first proportional representative shall be the Executive Director. The second proportional representative shall be appointed by the NYSASCD Executive Board from the membership of the Executive Board or the NYSASCD membership at large.
    Members of the ASCD Leadership Council must be members in good standing of ASCD for the year prior to their selection. The term of office of the representatives from the NYSASCD Executive Board to the ASCD Leadership Council shall be three years and shall begin on July 1st and end on June 30th.


    The NYSASCD Executive Committee shall be comprised of the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Executive Director.

    The Executive Committee shall constitute the governing body of NYSASCD in the intervals between meetings of the Executive Board. It shall execute policies approved by the Executive Board and assume responsibility for the general administration of the affairs of NYSASCD.


    All committees appointed to assist with the work of NYSASCD shall be named by the President with the approval of the Executive Board. These committees will generally include Membership, Nominations, Influence and other ad hoc committees as deemed necessary.

    A Nominations Committee shall be chaired by the Immediate Past President. This Committee, appointed by the President, shall be composed of Representatives of each regional affiliate. This committee shall prepare a single slate of officers. The slate shall be presented to the membership no later than May 15th via paper ballot or electronically. The slate will be approved by a vote of the majority of the NYSASCD members submitting paper or electronic ballots. Nominations for each years slate will be accepted from NYSASCD members during a time period designated by the Executive Board.



    All persons elected or appointed to NYSASCD Executive Board shall have held membership in NYSASCD for at least one year immediately prior to their election or appointment.



    There shall be an annual meeting at a time and place designated by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may call other meetings at its discretion and shall decide upon the program of all meetings.



    Details of the activities of NYSASCD shall be regulated by the NYSASCD By-Laws. The By-Laws may be amended at the Board designated annual meeting for the transaction of official business by a majority vote of the members present.

    Such proposed amendments shall be prepared in printed or electronic format and be available prior to the Board designated annual meeting. Any proposed amendment shall be effective immediately upon adoption


    The Constitution may be amended in the following manner. The proposed amendment may be submitted to the Executive Board for consideration by any NYSASCD member in good standing. If the Executive Board deems that the proposed amendment"s) serves the purposes and operation of the organization, then the proposed amendment(s) will be made available to the membership for comment through the Association Newsletter and the Association webpage. Voting on changes and amendments shall be by ballot provided in the Association Newsletter and web site All approved changes and amendments shall become effective the following July 1st. Ballot may be electronic or paper.


    No part of the net income, revenue, and grants of NYSASCD shall inure to the benefit of any member, officer, or any private individual except reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered in connection with one or more of its purposes, and no member or any private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any part of the assets of NYSASCD on its liquidation. The assets of NYSASCD, after payment of debts and obligations, shall be transferred to an organization with federal tax exemption for charitable and educational purposes similar to those of this Association, which exempt organization shall be designated by the Executive Board of NYSASCD.


    The Executive Board shall review the provisions of the Constitution at least once every five years. If the constitution has need of major revision, the Executive Board shall establish a Constitution Revision Committee.

    The Constitution Revision Committee shall present proposed constitutional revisions to the Executive Board. If accepted, the revised constitution must then be submitted to the membership for approval. The revised Constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the members voting. Only members who are in good standing of NYSASCD are voting members.


    In order to support our belief that diversity strengthens society, NYSASCD shall actively seek members who represent diversity in gender, age, job role, ethnicity, geographical location and viewpoint. The organization will neither accept invitations from nor participate in any activity or organization that does not support an equal opportunity or nondiscrimination policy.


    All activities shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations relating to organizations described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the code, as now, and hereafter amended.


    June 2009