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NYS ASCD seeks Board of Director Nominations

Each year, NYS ASCD seeks nominations for our Board of Directors.  There are four seats available with the expiration of the terms of Fred Ende, Deb Hoeft, Stefanie Olbrys, and Lynne Wells. 
Terms start July 1. 
To qualify as a candidate for the Board of Directors, each candidate shall have been a member of NYS ASCD for at least the full year prior to being nominated.  The slate shall reflect as nearly as possible balance representation of geographical locations, minority groups, and professional positions.  Candidates shall be nominated by a majority vote of the Nominations Committee. 
The slate of candidates will be placed before the membership for a vote no later than May 15. 
If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself), send a vitae to Executive Director Brian Kesel - - by April 30.